Confident Kid Club

Confident Kid Club offers social skills groups and individual services for children ages 3-11 years. Nothing is more important than helping children lead happy, productive and emotionally stable lives. Social emotional learning is critical to a child’s health & well-being and directly affects academic performance and overall happiness in life. Motivated by this belief and a recognition that some children may need extra support on the journey, Katharine Page and Carmella Crowley, two certified special education teachers each with over two decades of teaching experience, founded Confident Kid Club in Pelham, New York. 

Recognizing emotions with felt faces

Recognizing emotions with felt faces

Confident Kid Club’s  interactive, integrated, sensory based program helps kids grow, take risks, and develop confidence in a safe environment.  You are invited to learn more about the programs and the services offered.

“The long- term benefits of positive peer relationships are far too important to leave to chance.”

~ Linda Leblanc, Professor of Early Childhood Education


Children playing in a social skills group

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