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Outdoor Playground Huguenot Nursery SchoolKatharine Page and Carmella Crowley founded Confident Kid Club in 2010. The program quickly gained recognition and received positive feedback from the community. The need for this type of support for children and families in southern Westchester was clearly evident. As parents and special education teachers they understand first hand the importance of developing a strong set of social skills and the impact it has on overall success and happiness in a child’s life.

Confident Kid Club is a social skills program located in Pelham, NY, offering social skills groups and private social skills coaching for children ages 3 to 10 years. Katharine and Carmella, two certified special education teachers each with over 26 years of teaching experience, facilitate the weekly groups. Building self-esteem, developing executive functioning skills, and learning to regulate emotions are the main focuses of the program. Language and social emotional development is enhanced through social skills games, art, music, and collaborative activities.

Groups are designed to help children who have difficulties with impulse control, anger Gross motor skill development roommanagement challenges, and anxiety.  Our multi-sensory program supports children with learning disorders, developmental delays, and those who simply need  additional “scaffolding” to address challenges like being shy. An additional focus of the program is on helping children develop communication skills to make and maintain friendships. This is achieved through direct instruction, role-playing, collaborative problem solving, and reinforcement of positive interactions.  Children participate in open-ended playground play, pretend play, and child-centered play to enhance age-appropriate social/emotional concepts. Language development in children is promoted through movement, art, music, and collaborative social skills games and activities.

In addition to our social skills groups for children, we offer the following services:

Private 1:1 services for preschool and elementary school children

Parent & teacher consultation

Confident Kid Club

91 Clifford Ave
Pelham, NY 10803
(646) 522-7263

Teaching Facility

901 Pelhamdale Avenue
Pelham, New York 10803

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