Our most gratifying accomplishment of this past year was the success and progress of the children in our program. Thanks to all of you who supported us and helped us achieve the following goals in 2014.

  • Reached an all time enrollment high
  • Added a “Combination Class” option for children who can benefit from
  • the additional support and consistency of 2 classes per week
  • Updated website to include additional resources for parents & educators
  • Incorporated social stories/comic book conversations — collaborative peer problem solving
  • Expanded our Facebook following
  • A Fordham University intern joined the CKC’s Tuesday class to work with our 6-10 year old group
  • Completed Kazdin Parent Management Training through Yale Parenting Center
  • Donated a nine-week program to Weekday Nursery School spring fundraiser
  • Collaborated with Heartsong (a Westchester-based art therapy program) to incorporate art therapy into our curriculum
  • Had a visit from local Pelham Yogi friend, Anna Mullany who guided the children through simple poses to increase focus & self-regulation
  • Confident Girl workshop with a local Daisy/Girl Scout troop to promote confidence, kindness & empathy
  • Ran a “Social Skills in the Classroom” teacher workshop at Purchase Children’s Center

Looking ahead to 2015
Confident Kid Club is looking forward to another successful year supporting and encouraging kids to reach their full potential and “be their best selves.” We just finished a Mindful Life Teacher Training Program and will be incorporating techniques to enhance children’s self-regulation & attention. We would love to hear from all of you with comments and suggestions about how we can further meet your needs.

~ Carmella & Katharine