Confident Girl

Confident Girl’s “Girl Power” workshop is an art, literature, and team building social awareness class geared toward kindergarten through 5th-grade girls. Our workshop helps girls navigate the complicated social world of elementary school by fostering the development of essential social and emotional skills related to:

  • Self-awareness
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship skills
  • Decision making
  • Confidence

Confident Kid Club is a BOCES approved enrichment program, meeting New York State standards for art and social development.

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“Katharine and Carmella created a session tailored for one of our Girl Scout Daisy meetings with 21 Kindergartners.  As Troop Leaders, we believe it is vital to instill a sense of confidence and self worth into each girl at these most formative years in their young lives. The girls crafted positive visual reminders that they are strong and brave individuals, and actively engaged in deliberate play, which compelled each girl to work together as a team.”
~ Girl Scout Troop 1658, Leaders, Pelham, NY

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