Social Skills Groups

Confident Kid Club’s social skills groups are for children ages 3–10. Groups are mixed age level and are comprised of children with a range of competencies and challenges. This model allows us to maximize each child’s potential. Peer modeling, leadership skills and confidence building are some of the many benefits of mixed age groups.
Children participate in play activities designed to improve impulse control and executive functioning skills, cultivate age-appropriate language and social emotional development, and build self-esteem.

These critical social emotional skills are developed through movement, art, music, and collaborative social skills games and activities. All groups are led by Confident Kid Club’s Special Education Certified Facilitators Katharine Page and Carmella Crowley.

Groups meet on a weekly basis over a 9-week period at Huguenot Memorial Church in Pelham, NY. You can view our class schedule here.

Social skills group program details

  • Small balanced groups with activities tailored to meet individual needs
  • Nurturing environment in which children develop interpersonal relationships and build off of strengths
  • Engaging sensory activities, role playing, games, music, and movement
  • Weekly session overview/hand-out for parents and caregivers
  • End of session parent conference
  • Collaboration with classroom teachers and related service providers
  • Resources/booklists
Sample Group Activities

  • Open ended group activity (i.e., floor puzzle, Legos, playdough)
  • Open ended play experiences in classroom and on nature based playground
  • Interactive team building games
  • Hands-on art projects/sensory activities
  • Gluten & peanut free snacks
  • Gross motor/big body movement activities
  • Interactive stories (felt stories/puppets/role playing)
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Group social story development
  • Learning through children’s literature