Being a parent or an educator is not an easy job. If your child struggles with social emotional delays, it can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. We all want our children to feel confident, safe, and have a sense of belonging.

A child might have an official diagnosis of a speech or language disorder, a sensory processing disorder, Autism, or might just be shy, anxious, and need some additional support. At Confident Kid Club we believe that knowledge is power.

Some things to consider: 

  • What is social emotional learning?

  • What can you do at home, school and in the community to support children in developing social skills?

  • What educational resources are available to help you?

Our goal is to provide a variety of materials and resources both to educate parents and teachers. Please join our mailing list to receive new information we would like to share. We have gained some valuable insights throughout our many years working with young children, both as parents and teachers. At Confident Kid Club we believe in collaboration, so feel free to reach out with your questions, comments or any resources you would like to share. Someone once told us, “The best ideas are borrowed” and we all have a great deal to learn from each other.

– Carmella and Katharine