What is a Social Skills Group?

A social skills group is designed to help children develop the set of skills necessary to interact and communicate with others in everyday situations. The five areas of social emotional learning illustrated below are developed through direct instruction, modeling, role-playing, interactive team building games, and reinforcement of positive interactions.

Group interaction offers children the opportunity to practice and enhance skills in a safe and nurturing environment with the support of experienced professionals. Social skills training can help children work on specific issues such as how to join in games on the playground, appropriate behavior at a birthday party, and how to solve conflicts on a playdate.

Skills learned within the group are intended to be generalized to real-world experiences and relationships. A social skills group gives children who struggle with friendships a sense of belonging and a place to connect in a positive manner with peers.

Understanding the Chart

Social Awareness — the ability to understand and respond to the needs of others

Decision Making Skills — the ability to make a logical choice based on available options

Self Awareness — the ability to recognize your emotions and respond appropriately to different social situations

Self Regulation — the ability to gain control of your emotions & body and maintain focus and attention

Communication & Relationship Skills — skills used to effectively interact with others